How To Host The Perfect “Lemon Inspired” Garden Party

Kat Harlton

Summer will soon be here, and although different then what many of us had in mind, we’re hopeful that soon we’ll be able to have intimate gatherings with our favorite people again.

The warmer weather has us inspired and dreaming of lemon treats and citrus drinks in the garden, so we thought we’d share some tips on how to host a ‘lemon inspired’ garden party. Below are some ideas and inspiration to help get you started.

Food: Obviously lemon pie or lemon loaf come to mind, but Pinterest has endless lemon inspired recipes including, lemon brownies, cookies, tarts, citrus inspired desserts, creamy lemon chicken pasta, lemon butter garlic shrimp, lemon peppered salmon, and more!

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Drinks: Anything refreshing! Obviously lemonade is top of the list, but you could also mix it up with frozen lemonade, mixed sangrias, lemon drop martinis, lemon or lime sparkling water, lemon iced tea, smoothies, lemon jello shots, spritzers, and of course drinks like 7UP or Sprite.

Decor: It should be pretty easy to find inspiration with a quick scroll through Pinterest or Instagram, use searches like “lemon garden party” and for online shopping, places like Target, Walmart and Wayfair have lots of dinnerware and glassware dedicated to the theme. Even if you don’t have (or want) decor specific to lemons, you can give your party a citrus touch by using what you already have, like turning a bar cart into a lemonade stand, add bowls of lemons, limes, and oranges. Amp up the cozy factor with additional throws and pillows, scented candles and seasonal flowers.

Entertainment: Ideas could include outdoor games like croquet or Jenga. You could also bring out other games like dominoes, cards, or checkers. For those feeling more inspired, paint nights or crafts might be something to consider.

For more inspiration and recipes check out our Pinterest board!

We hope you love what we recommend! Just so you know, The Harlton Empire may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

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