Movie Review: “Last Christmas” (2019)

Jessica Danov
Photos: Universal Studios

Inspired by the Wham! holiday hit of the same name, written by Emma Thompson, her husband Greg Wise, and Bryony Kimmings. Last Christmas is a sweet holiday rom-com with a twist.

The film follows Kate (Emilia Clarke), an aspiring singer working as an elf at a year-round Christmas shop.  Her holiday spirit may be lacking, but Kate has got a way with customers, which is why her boss “Santa” (a very funny Michelle Yeoh) keeps her around. 

From the beginning of the film it is clear Kate is not your typical holiday movie heroine.  After recovering from a life-threatening illness, she struggles to get back to normal and we watch as she makes one bad decision after another.  Aimless and struggling to be seen, Kate becomes reckless with others hearts. 

When delightful do-gooder Tom (a charming Henry Golding) appears outside of the Christmas shop where she works, things start looking up.  Tom’s enthusiasm for life, connection, and helping others has a positive effect on Kate and eventually his view of the world helps change Kate’s perspective and ultimately, her life.

Directed by Paul Feig of Bridesmaids fame, Last Christmas may not be the laugh-fest audiences were expecting, but what it lacks in laughter it makes up for in love.

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