Rayne Talks Debut Single “Do With That”, Songwriting And Where She Finds Inspiration

Kat Harlton

Canadian pop artist Rayne, recently released her debut single “Do With That“. The track is the first song off her forthcoming debut EP.

Lyrically, “Do With That,” has a subtle lament for a broken relationship coupled by a sweeping synth and a chiming chorus. The forthcoming EP showcases the Vancouver native’s powerhouse vocals as an instrument that perfectly captures the intensity of her vivid and relatable lyrics. At just 17, Rayne is already a veteran performer with multiple marquee gigs on the CV, including this summer performing on the Riverstage in Toronto prior to Billie Ellish, the Calgary Stampede, Rockin River Fest, Surrey Canada Day and Sun Peaks Summer Festival.

Musical heavyweights including songwriter Tavish Crowe (Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”) and producer Ryan Stewart (Simple Plan, Bif Naked) also appear as collaborators on this new collection of songs. We had the opportunity to chat with Rayne and talk songwriting, her debut single, and where she finds inspiration.

Kat: Can you talk about the inspiration behind your latest single ‘Do With That’?

Rayne: This song came about while myself, Andrew, and Ryan were just throwing out lyric ideas. It isn’t really based around a particular experience, we started with the line “wish I could laugh when you say that you want me back, tell you no piece of me wants a piece of that” and then wrote a story around it.

Kat: Can you talk about your songwriting process? What was it like working with Andrew Allen and producer Ryan Stewart?

Rayne: My songwriting process varies a lot between sessions and entirely depends on what I’m doing or how I’m feeling that day. When I topline, we start with the track and then work around the vibe that’s been played out for us. But when I’m writing for myself, a song could start out with a random situation, melody, or even a single word. Writing with Andrew and Ryan was great. They’re both incredible writers and pop music seems to run through their veins.

Kat: Can you talk about who you look to for inspiration, musically or otherwise? What inspires you to create?

Rayne: Much like my writing process, my sources of inspiration varies a lot as well. I might be inspired by a book I read recently or a stranger’s phone conversation that I overheard. I try to keep my brain open to inspiration wherever I go and draw from as many sources as I can.

Kat: You’ve performed at some well-known events and venues like the Riverstage in Toronto before Billie Ellish, the Calgary Stampede, Rockin River Fest, Surrey Canada Day and Sun Peaks Summer Festival. What have you learned from those experiences?

Rayne: I’ve learned a lot about how people both physically and emotionally react to music. Live performances can be an incredibly intimate thing, and you get to see exactly how people are affected by what you’re doing.

Kat: What’s next?

Rayne: I’ll be releasing my EP in the new year, travelling, and writing a lot.

For more on Rayne, please visit: https://raynelive.com

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