Olivia Lunny Talks New Single ‘Blacklight’, Being On ‘The Launch’, And What She’s Learned Along The Way

Kat Harlton

Olivia Lunny is a singer-songwriter from Winnipeg with a sound that fuses catchy pop melodies and alternative waves. Writing music since the age of twelve became Olivia’s creative outlet. “Music has always been very prominent in my life. My dad taught me guitar when I was younger, and I took very brief piano lessons, so I have a very base knowledge of music. Growing up, music was always playing, “I’d wake up on a Sunday morning and my dad would be blasting a live concert CD or something. I’d say Junior High, I started to really pick up a guitar and noodle around with it, then I started writing, I’d do voice memos, and just speak into my phone and say ideas lyric wise that came into my head. Eventually I started putting those with music, and not even really making songs, just making little pieces of something.” Eventually Lunny started playing coffee houses and school talent shows, which inspired her to release her first single ‘Dreamer‘. “I released Dreamer when I was fifteen, and from there it pretty much just went from zero to a hundred real quick.”

In 2019, Lunny was featured on season 2 of CTV’s original music series The Launch, where she was chosen to record an original song produced by Shaun Frank and released by Big Machine/Bell Media called “I Got You”. Scott Borchetta, Marie-Mai, and Jann Arden were her on-screen mentors. “I had the opportunity to be on The Launch this past year, and that definitely elevated this whole thing. I learned so much through that whole process, it was so quick and it was kind of hard to take everything in with so much being thrown at you. I think the big thing I learned was how to adapt to things in a short amount of time. The biggest thing I took away from that show, was about being authentic and although many people will try to fit you into a box, and try to make you something you’re not, that at the end of the day you just have to make what’s authentic to you, and speak honestly.”

“I Got You” has taken the Canadian radio waves by storm maintaining top 40 status as a regular candidate on the iHeart Radio countdown each week and has gained over 700k streams on Spotify. In 2018, Olivia released her debut self-titled EP that garnered her a Western Canadian Music Award nomination for Pop Artist of the Year.

Lunny recently released her latest single ‘Blacklight’, which she shares was inspired by the challenges we all face in navigating relationships, “Blacklight is essentially about how under the blacklight people’s true intentions are brought to the surface. I think relationships can sometimes be cliche to write about, but I think it’s something that’s so universally felt that I like writing and talking about things that everyone can relate too.”

‘Blacklight’ was co-written with JUNO Award Nominated group Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine and Roman Clarke. Elijah Woods also produced the track. “Being part of The Launch family definitely helped us to collaborate, and they are so good at what they do, and so established. It’s been really cool to work alongside people who have it figured it out. I like to co-write with people and it’s just cool to see what happens, because it’s always so different. It’s really cool to be in a room and bounce ideas off each other. I’ve been writing with so many people, and I have lots of new music ready to come out, so it’s exciting”.

For more on Olivia Lunny, please visit: http://www.olivialunny.com

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