Gabriela Geneva Talks New Single “Sweeter”, Songwriting And Growing As An Artist

Kat Harlton

Since relocating to Toronto in 2017 Gabriela Geneva has continued to hone her performance and songwriting, creating her own organic, Pop/RnB sound. Her new single Sweeter is inspired by her personal relationships, and is about learning to let them go and remembering them at their height. “I moved around a lot as a child and in my teens, so I’ve had to let a lot of relationships go, and it’s not always been at the most ideal time. There’s been relationships that have kind of been cut short, and the whole point of this song is that it’s sweeter when it doesn’t last. You get to experience a relationship where it ends at it’s peak essentially. As bittersweet as that is, I get to remember it as it was, at it’s best, it didn’t end in a negative way, I’ll always remember the positive sides.”

Geneva, who has a newly signed US publishing deal, and a Juried Sound Recording FACTOR grant, has been hard at work on her upcoming debut EP, “I’ve been writing for the past year, and I felt that Sweeter specifically was the best and right choice as my single. The rest of the EP is kind of a little bit more mellow and I felt that the timing with the end of summer and beginning of fall just felt like the right vibe.”

Co-written in LA with Matt Genovese and Zach Sorgen, Geneva shares that the experience has helped transform her writing,”I’ve never felt pressured. I’ve been very lucky to be a room with people who are open and nurturing and the environment is about creating whatever sounds great to us and makes us feel something. I think I’ve learned so much, and I think it reflects now listening back to my older songs. There’s a little bit more maturity and it’s nice to see some improvement and growth. I’m sure in a year from now, I’ll look back and think my new work is even better. You always want to grow.”

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