5 Snacks for Your Next Football Party

Fall has arrived, which means football season is right around the corner. When you’re not reading up on your favorite team’s preseason scores, you’re probably thinking about the Sunday nights you’ll spend on the couch with other fans.

Watching a football game isn’t complete unless there’s something tasty laid out on the coffee table in front of you. Snacks are part of what makes a game fun, but the key is finding the right ones to make.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional snack or something new, these options are perfect for your next football party. Try making them ahead of time to see what you like best, so you’re ready to go before the first quarter begins.

1. Classic Buffalo Wings With Dipping Sauce

When people think of football snacks, Buffalo wings may be the first thing that comes to mind. They’re an easy finger food to set out for everyone, but they’re especially great if you make them yourself.

There’s no need to pay a delivery fee and tip when you could toss a few wings in some Buffalo sauce and bake them until they’re done. That way, you can personalize them to make them spicy or mild and match them with your favorite dipping sauce. Throw some ranch on the table next to the plate of wings and they’re ready to go.

2. Chips and Queso

Tortilla chips are a crowd-pleaser, which is why you’ll almost always find a bowl or two laid out at a party. While the chips are good on their own, they’re an even better football snack if they’re dipped in queso.

Skip the week-old queso at your local grocery store by making some yourself instead. It’s super easy to throw your favorite cheeses into a pot and melt them on a low heat setting. As long as you don’t crank up the heat and burn the cheese, your queso will be ready after just a few minutes.

3. Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers

Include some bacon at your next viewing party with bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers. It’s a four-ingredient recipe that anyone can make, just so long as you remember a few simple tips.

When you’re cutting the jalapeno peppers, you may want to wear rubber gloves. If you accidentally rub your eyes or get jalapeno juice in an open cut, you’re in for an unpleasant experience. You should also try to get thicker slices of bacon for the blast of bacon flavor you’re looking for in each bite.

4. Pepperoni and Cheese Football

If you’re tired of serving a bowl of cheese dip with your chips at football parties, take the concept up a notch. With the right mix of cream cheese and your favorite shredded varieties, you’ll make a cheese ball that can be molded into a football shape.

Once you’ve made your ball, cover it in pepperoni and use string cheese to create the lacing on top. It’ll look great surrounded by chips. It stores well overnight, so you can make it the day before a game.

5. Homemade Chex Mix

Sometimes life gets in the way, and you only have an hour or two left before guests start arriving for your football party. Don’t panic, because you can always make homemade Chex mix on the fly.

A few different Chex cereals, oyster crackers, cheese crackers and even a few mixed nuts can all be seasoned and thrown into the microwave for an instant snack. Get creative with what you use to make it more personalized. Colorful Goldfish will make the snack pop, and a few chocolate chips would go well after the mix has completely cooled.

Total Snack Touchdown

No matter what snack you decide to make for your next football party, you’ll satisfy your guests. Finger foods like chips and dip, jalapeno poppers and even homemade Chex mix will please the pickiest eaters, so everyone can get back to enjoying the game.

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