Stuck On Planet Earth Talk New Single “Rising”, Staying True To Themselves, And Evolving As A Band

Kat Harlton

Toronto-based alternative rock band Stuck On Planet Earth founded by Adam Bianchi (guitars/vocals), Al Capo (bass/vocals), and Andrew Testa (drums), recently released their new single “Rising” via Anthem records. A track that Al shares was inspired by the band’s personal journey, “It’s really about pain and sacrifice and dedication, perseverance and hard work. I will say that what I think a lot of people in the arts lack is that persistence of sticking it out, because it’s fucking hard. It’s sleeping on floors and making no money and sacrificing your personal and family time, all that kind of stuff. For us, the goal has always been how can we get to where we want to be?”

Andrew elaborates, “The one thing that resonated with us with this song, was that it’s for everybody. You feel sometimes like your not on the right path, or you’re so inside of it that you don’t even realize all the stuff that’s happening. Maybe you don’t get to look at the progress from the outside and see that this is actually really cool, sometimes you’re really hard on yourself. It’s kind of just a song for us to really, hopefully inspire others, to let them know they’re on the right path and to stick to the plan.”

Stuck On Planet Earth’s high-energy live shows and signature sound of alternative rock and R&B have developed and evolved over thousands of hours of playing together and years on stage and in the studio. Something Andrew says has always been a collaborative effort, “No one in the studio has ego, it’s just let’s make the best thing we possibly can. We’re fans of music, and we’re people who have always made music, we’ve been friends for a long time, we’ve always stayed true to let’s make music that we believe in, and that is true to us.”

Having shared the stage with notable acts including Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts, Finger Eleven, and Weezer, I ask if they ever feel pressured to create a specific style of music, or music for a specific demographic. Al shares that they’re only goal is to create a connection, “The biggest thing we approach with our songwriting is to make people feel included. The goal of music is to try and connect with as many people as possible ultimately. We just want to make an impact and connect with someone.” A sentiment that Andrew echoes, “We always want to make sure we have songs that people are going to dance too, but that the sound is Stuck On Planet Earth. We want to make sure the lyrics and the message is something that touches on your emotions, something that is universal.”

Stuck On Planet Earth, will be hitting the road with multi-platinum rockers Moist on select dates for their upcoming “Silver” 25th Anniversary Tour. The band inked a record deal with Anthem Entertainment Group in 2018 and are currently putting the finishing touches on their new album. Tickets for the tour are on sale now.

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