Discover Casa Loma: A Look Inside Toronto’s Gothic Revival Mansion

Photos: Tiffany Shum

A prime example of modern Toronto’s commitment to its rich history, Casa Loma was first built in 1914 by financier Sir Henry Pellatt. The castle located in midtown Toronto, is now owned by the City of Toronto and is regarded as a treasured heritage landmark.

Today, Casa Loma is one of Toronto’s top tourist attractions and hospitality venues. Each year over 350,000 visitors tour Casa Loma and the estate gardens thanks to seasonal events and attractions like A Nutcracker Christmas At The Castle, Soul In The City, Symphony In The Gardens, Legends Of Horror and more! They also regularly host escape rooms, movie nights, and family friendly events.

A perfect backdrop for special occasions, Casa Loma also plays host to over 250 private events annually. The unique architecture has also made it a highly desirable location for film, television and photo shoots. They are also home to the BlueBlood Steakhouse, and world class culinary cuisine.

The historic site is operated by the Liberty Entertainment Group; under the direction of Nick Di Donato, a company synonymous with Toronto entertainment venues.

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