Review: Chris LaRocca-The Mod Club, Toronto-September 4, 2019

Kat Harlton

Chris LaRocca brought his signature high energy show to a packed Mod Club. Backed by a full band, he performed past work as well as tracks off his recently released 2nd EP Saudade. Despite his high energy and somewhat sporadic dance moves, the first word that comes to mind for me when trying to sum up his performance is ‘smooth’.

A little R&B, a little pop, LaRocca managed to blur the lines to create a sexy, soulful vibe that simultaneously had the crowd dancing and chilling at the same time. Packed with heavy synths, keyboard, guitar riffs and his high pitched vocals, LaRocca created a space that felt intimate, similar to a house party. Every song felt vulnerable, like a diary entry. I got the sense that whatever LaRocca is going through that day, is what he brings to his performance, instead of hiding behind his music, he uses it as an outlet. It’s this willingness to be open that I think really sets him apart from his peers, and is what resonates and creates a connection with the audience.

I think LaRocca has finally found his sound, and is confident in what he’s creating, and I’m really excited to see what’s in store for him and where he goes from here.

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