Emma Currie Talks New Single “Midnight Sky” And Vulnerability In Songwriting

Kat Harlton

Emma Currie, an up-and-coming pop/R&B/soul singer-songwriter from Vancouver, BC, recently released her new single, “Midnight Sky”. A track that started as an incessent melody in her head, “I had a melody in my head, that was just repeating over and over, and an idea to write a fun, upbeat love song. I wrote the chorus, but I didn’t know where to take the song. Warren Dean Flandez invited me to Studio Cloud 30 to work with Taylor-Rae, and we wrote the song together. We looked for inspiration from movies, books, and other love songs, and took that without using any cheesy lines. We really tried to capture what it feels like to be in that phase of a relationship.”

Emma who is trained at JUNO nominee Warren Dean Flandez’s Studio Cloud 30, first met Flandez a few years back, “I had a consultant and he introduced me to Warren. Warren was performing in Vancouver for an arts festival, I was also performing, and that’s when we met face to face. From there he just started introducing me to more people, and more songwriters, and showing me Studio Cloud 30.”

Emma, who has recorded a number of her original songs with accredited industry pros such as Sam Reid (Glass Tiger) and Jamie Kuse (producer for Warren Dean Flandez) admits that it hasn’t always been easy writing from a vulnerable place, “There is a song that is going to be on my EP, that I just wrote by myself. I think all the other ones I co-wrote. There isn’t one specific way I, or my co-writers go about it. It’s almost like a therapy session, and sometimes I do come in, and I’m like ‘this happened’ and I have to write about it. At first, I didn’t want to do anything personal, but the more I got to know the songwriters, I developed a relationship with them where I felt comfortable enough to share.”

She has previously performed at a number of events in the Greater Vancouver Area including the Canada 150 Celebration and the long-standing Harmony Arts Festival in West Vancouver, “The Harmony Arts festival was big for me because I grew up going to that festival, and it’s literally like a ten minute walk from my house. To finally be able to perform there was so much fun, and so many people were there. It was incredible.”

When asked if she had any advice for other emerging artists, Emma shares that it really comes down to determination, and belief in yourself, “You are going to get a lot of no’s. I’ve had so many people tell me to make a back-up plan. You have to really focus on the people who do believe in you, the people who have a lot of work behind them.”

For more on Emma Currie, please visit: https://www.emmacurriemusic.com

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