Photos: Big City Lights-Northern Comfort Saloon, Toronto-August 22, 2019

Photos: Tiffany Shum

On August 22nd, we swung by the Northern Comfort Saloon at the CNE to catch Toronto based Country band, Big City Lights.

Big City Lights features an eclectic mix of styles and influences spanning from Marvin Gaye to Chris Stapleton. The group is composed of Mekeli Villamor (Lead Vocals), Keith Dean (Lead Guitar, Harmonies), Johnny Gregson (Bass and Harmonies), and Kevin Ferguson (Drums).

Some popular tracks by the band include songs such as “Nothing Make Sense Without You”, “Down With That”, and covers of popular hits like Devin Dawson’s “Dark Horse” and Lee Brice’s “Rumor”.

Scroll Through Our Photos Below: (click to enlarge)

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