Exclusive: An Interview With Brennan Elliott From Hallmark Channel’s “All Summer Long”

By: Kat Harlton
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Autumn Reeser (“Love on the Menu,” “The Arrangement”) and Brennan Elliott (“Crossword Mysteries: A Puzzle to Die For,” “UnREAL”) star in “All Summer Long” a new, original movie premiering Saturday, August 24 (9 p.m. ET/PT), on Hallmark Channel as part of the network’s annual “Summer Nights” event.

About The Movie:

Seattle lawyer Tia (Reeser) goes to San Francisco to see the Yellowfin, a vintage yacht her aunt and uncle turned into a dinner cruiser. A capable sailor, Tia agrees to captain the boat for the summer, but she’s taken aback to learn her ex-boyfriend Jake (Elliott) is the chef. Still hurt over how he abruptly ended their relationship years ago, Tia is determined not to let Jake’s presence disrupt her summer. Finally, the evening comes for the Yellowfin to set out on her maiden voyage, and soon the guests are having a great time, until suddenly the engine starts grinding. When the lights die, Tia radios for an emergency tugboat, and critics onboard give the Yellowfin less than stellar reviews. Happily, an Admiral still books the boat for his retirement party and the night before, Tia and Jake take the skiff out to view a meteor shower. Docking hours later, they hear Tia’s messages, telling her she’s made partner. Though Jake congratulates her he’s upset, having hoped she’d stay on as captain and let their romance begin anew. Convinced Tia will be leaving sailing and him in her wake, Jake gives her the cold shoulder. But later, he sees Tia writing something on a paper wish lantern and sending it into the night sky, unaware that if her wish comes true he’ll be in for a big surprise.

We had the opportunity to catch up with star Brennan Elliott to discuss role preparation, the character he’d love to portray and more!

Kat: Was there anything about your role that was particularly challenging?

Brennan: Playing a detective in itself and making a detective appear honest is difficult. Copious dialogue to make it sound natural is challenging but very rewarding when it comes together honestly on the screen to portray such an honorable profession.

Kat: What are some of your favorite scenes to shoot and why?

Brennan: Don’t wanna sound like a broken record but I enjoy my scenes with Lacey. We’ve reached a level of comfort, trust and camaraderie that makes every scene fun and truly collaborative.

Kat: What do you hope fans take away from the movie?

Brennan: That the audience can get entrenched in the mystery and want to piece the clues together themselves because we want them to be active participants in the crime solving.

Kat: You play an executive chef in “All Summer Long”. How did you prepare for your role? Are you someone who enjoys cooking? if so, do you have a favorite dish or meal you enjoy making?

Brennan: To prep, I took a cooking course and shadowed a Michelin star chef at his restaurant. I am not a cook by any means and I don’t want to toot my own horn but I am an expert at grilled cheese.

Kat: Is there a type of character that you’d like to portray, that you haven’t had the chance to yet?

Brennan: One of the great honors I get with Hallmark is the opportunity to play a diverse range of characters, which can be challenging but fun. I wouldn’t mind doing a Western or a period piece someday. If I could, then I’ve made it in my dad’s eyes.

Kat: Do you have any role models that have particularly inspired you, either in your craft or personally?

Brennan: My mentor Eric Morris has inspired thru his process, books and teaching. But my greatest inspiration is my wife and her strength and ability to fight thru any challenge.

“All Summer Long” is from Anchor Road Productions Ltd. The Executive Producers are Harvey Kahn, Beth Grossbard, Peter DeLuise, Brennan Elliott and the producer is Charles Cooper. Peter DeLuise directed from a screenplay by Judith Berg & Sandra Berg.

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