College Essentials: Everything You Need For Your Dorm Room


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Living in a dorm for the first time, or even returning to dorm life can be hard. Having to share small spaces with others and stay organized is tough, but we’ve got some tips and suggestions on how to make the best of it. If you can, find out as many dimensions as possible early on, which will help when buying things like rugs, mattresses, and furniture.

Bedding, Throws & Pillows

Combine different colors, textures, patterns & more to create unlimited looks that are all your own. Choose items that’ll make you feel cozy and homey, and that are easy to throw in the wash.

Accent Pieces & Decor

Fill your space with things you love, and items that will inspire you everyday like wall art, mirrors, plants and family photos. Lighting is also super important, so make sure to choose lamps that are both functional, but that give off a warm glow helping you to relax.

Organization & Planning

Make sure your desk area has essentials like pencils, pens, chargers, notebooks, calendars, pin boards etc. Anything that will help you stay organized and on top of your game.

Maximize Space

Make the most of your closet space, and the space around you with multi-functional closet organizers & totes that’ll help you stay tidy & open up floor space for extra storage.

Bath & Kitchen

Living healthy and taking care of yourself is one of the most important aspects, so make sure to have items that help you feel your best. Things like a Brita for filtered water, travel bottles and bath totes filled with all your essentials.

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