Toronto Is “Loving Bigger” With Big Love Ball

Photos: Tiffany Shum

Via press release: We are in TORONTO to say LOVE, BIGGER.

Big Love Ball is conceptual art, a ‘happening’, led by artist and designer Wendy Williams Watt. A mash up of LOVE + DESIGN + ART, Big Love Ball is an installation, activation and interaction. Beginning with large orbs with the emboldened word LOVE across their breadth arranged in molecular clusters reaching 15 feet high and twenty feet in length, this public stunt of rolling out LOVE is traffic halting. Williams Watt describes her iconic Big Love Ball as a visual metaphor, manifested by her desire to express love for humanity, swiftly and vastly. “The world can’t wait,” she believes. And apparently, she’s not the only one.

“We all want to declare how we feel. And I am certain there is no lack of love and empathy amongst us. I do feel that we are apprehensive to express love for fear of rejection. My goal has been to create public gestures that chip away at the bedrock of cynicism in which we currently find ourselves. We’re bombarded with platitudes surrounding love so I’m offering something different in order to keep the conversation going. Big Love Ball is impossible to ignore.”

Big Love Ball is gaining speed, showing up e v e r y w h e r e on the map, from underground art dens to the red carpet, on the pages of tony decor mags to the hallways of underserved schools. Big Love Ball has been on major news networks, made cameos in films, and through the marvels of social media, has exploded into pop culture. Six degrees of Big Love Ball is now a ’thing’.

Along with formal appearances throughout Toronto this summer, Williams Watt intends to ‘pop up’ in unexpected places. Big Love Ball is “a love note to seven billion,” says Williams Watt. If you see it, it’s meant for you

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