Sydney Meyer Talks New Show “Departure”, And Saying Goodbye To “Shadowhunters”

Kat Harlton

Sydney Meyer was born and raised in London, Ontario and moved to Toronto, Canada when she decided to pursue acting. Sydney found her passion for performing at an early age when she attended a school for the arts from grades four to eight. It wasn’t until she was accepted into the Etobicoke High School for the Arts for a double major in dance and drama that she realized acting is what she wanted to pursue as a full- time career.

From there, she would continue to hone her skills by attending The Los Angeles Theater of Arts as well as the New York Film Academy and the Shakespeare School at the Stratford Festival. Since then, Sydney has amassed a significant body of work in several film and television productions including THE EXPANSE (SYFY/SPACE CHANNEL), SAVING HOPE (CTV/NBC), LEVEL 16 and DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION (CTV). Her first big break came when she was cast as Helen Blackthorn in the highly popular supernatural drama television series SHADOWHUNTERS (FREEFORM/NETFLIX). It was with this project that she experienced firsthand the power of a strong fandom for a television show.

Coming up next, Sydney is set to star in the new high-octane conspiracy television series DEPARTURE (GLOBAL) that follows the mystery of Flight 716, a passenger plane that vanishes over the Atlantic Ocean. She can also be seen as a series regular in the highly anticipated NETFLIX original show V-WARS based on the print anthology series of the same name starring alongside Ian Somerhalder.

Outside of acting, Sydney enjoys reading, boxing, archery as well as exercising her creativity through music and dance. Understanding the importance of philanthropy, Sydney supports causes that are close to her heart which include Free the Children, Me to We, The Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) and Everytown for Gun Safety.

We had the opportunity to chat with the rising star to talk new shows, saying goodbye to Shadowhunters and the role she’d love to play.

Kat: Can you tell us a little bit about your role in new television series “Departure”?

Sydney: In Departure I play a young woman named Sophia, she’s dating AJ who happens to have quite an elaborate conspiracy theory about what caused a plane to disappear as it was going over the Atlantic. My character isn’t as invested in the plane disappearance, but she is invested in her relationship so she ends up going to England and going along with AJ’s plans. Eventually she’ll have to decide where she truly stands on the issue as things get more intense.

Kat: Now that Shadowhunters has ended, have you had a chance to reflect on your role as Helen Blackthorn, and the impression that character has left on you?

Sydney: At the time, I don’t think I truly had a sense of the response that Helen would elicit. Even having had read the books. Now that it’s aired and there is a little bit of space from it I’m just so honored to have been trusted with such an important role. I’m so thankful that the fans felt I did her justice. I really feel I learned so much and I continue to learn from the fan even though it’s over. I’ll definitely never forget Shadowhunters.

Kat: You have a recurring role in Netflix original show “V-Wars”, and as mentioned were also on “Shadowhunters”, what are your thoughts on the popularity of ‘supernatural’ style shows?

Sydney: It’s kind of shocking to me. I was a fan of a few supernatural shows growing up but not to the extent that you see today. I think because our world is so severe and people are dealing with such real emotions on a day to day basis, having a bit of a buffer in the stories we watch sometimes helps makes the dialogue easier to digest. I think a show portraying real emotions in a fantastical way perhaps softens the blow a touch. I understand the appeal. When it’s done well it’s amazing.

Kat: Is there a role or character that you would love to have the opportunity to play?

Sydney: I would love to play certain characters in history or certain characters in Shakespeare. I think Joan of Arc is at the top of my list.

Kat: Do you have any role models or mentors that you look to for inspiration?

Sydney: There are many artists and social/political/historical figures that I look to that inspire me, but I try to look to people I actually know for inspiration. I think idolizing people that you don’t truly know, the good and the bad, is dangerous. For me, a couple of my teachers I’ve had through the years, particularly Rob Nagle has been a huge mentor and inspiration to me. So are my old ballet teacher Victoria Carter and my first drama teacher Rob Carins. A couple friends that I won’t name publicly, they know who they are. And more than anyone, my father. He’s my biggest inspiration.

Kat: Do you have any advice for others who are looking to act or work in the entertainment industry?

Sydney: Make sure that this is really what you love. Have a clear idea of why you want to do this. Be patient. Very patient. Work hard. Study, study, study. Protect yourself. Have fun!!

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