Rising Young Actress Simone Miller Discusses ‘Detention Adventure’, Her Ideal Role And What’s Next

By: Kat Harlton
Photo: Mai Tilson

Rising young star Simone Miller has always enjoyed being a performer and has sung since she was able to speak. Her love for the arts was evident when she would take every opportunity to act and sing wherever she could and to whoever would listen. Simone’s life in the spotlight began when she made appearances in shows like ‘The Big Fun Crafty Show’ (Universal Kids) and ‘Snapshots'(CBC) as well as starring in commercials for major campaigns including Loblaws, The Shopping Channel, Plan Canada and The Wall Street Journal.

Her first big break came when she was recently cast as the lead Raign Westbrook in the new CBC Kids Digital Original mystery and adventure series ‘Detention Adventure’ about a motley crew of sixth graders who purposely get themselves thrown into detention after discovering the entrance to a labyrinth of tunnels, laden with traps and riddles, protecting a long-lost secret.

Outside of acting, Simone loves to be active and adores kickboxing, trampolining, and volleyball. She also likes to play guitar and the ukulele, and enjoys reading, knitting and has recently taken an interest in cooking. Understanding the importance of giving back, Simone supports organizations that are close to her heart including the Jamaican Canadian Association. She has been a part of their community day painting project where she volunteers to paint churches, homes, community centres and more.

Photo: Mai Tilson

We had the opportunity to catch up with Miller and discuss ‘Detention Adventure’, the role she loved to play and what’s next.

Kat: Can you tell us a little bit about the new CBC Gem original series Detention Adventure?

Simone: Detention Adventure is a new tween action-adventure series that follows four kids that are trying to find a hidden lab beneath their school! It is full of adventure, laughing, crying and eventual teamwork. My character Raign is a determined, outspoken and a sometimes snappy young girl who is the leader of the pack. Make sure you check it out on CBC Gem this Spring!

Kat: Can you talk about your character Raign Westbrook, the leader of the Detention Adventure team? Do you have any similarities? Have you learned anything from your character?

Simone: Raign Westbrook, is a sixth grader just trying to figure it all out! She is snappy, sneaky, and a bit of a control freak (as am I), but is very determined in achieving her goals. Raign taught me to celebrate everyone’s differences.

Kat: I see you’re set to star in the biopic, The Clark Sisters: The First Ladies of Gospel, playing Young Dorinda. Can you speak a little about your role? Did your musical background help for this role?

Simone: I am beyond excited to have been a part of this project. I play young Dorinda in the film and you see me in a flashback. I really can’t say much about the project, but based on the amazing cast and crew I can’t wait to see it! The Clark Sisters are inspirational, and yes my musical background did come in handy as all of the auditions were based on vocals.

Kat: Is there a role or character that you would love to have the opportunity to play?

Simone: I would love to have the opportunity to play an action hero or villain. I want to do stunts and wear cool costumes! Or play a young Alicia Keys!

Kat: Do you have any advice for other teenagers who are looking to act or work in the entertainment industry?

Simone: Always try to stand out from the rest. Do something different so that you will be remembered. Never give up as it is a competitive industry but your time will come if you keep at it!

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