5 Books For The Netflix True Crime Addict In Your Life

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By: Kat Harlton

Welcome true-crime addicts! I’m a big true-crime fan myself, so in this list are some of my favorite Netflix true-crime documentaries and series. I’ve paired them up with book recommendations, so you can continue to discover more about these people and their stories.

Dirty John

Dirty John, starring Eric Bana and Connie Britton, is an eight-part true crime anthology series based on the Los Angeles Times podcast of the same name. This sexy, provocative and harrowing real-life thriller follows the true events of an online dating relationship turned dangerous that rocked headlines and shocked the world.

Dirty John And Other True Stories Of Outlaws And Outsiders

A collection of newspaper stories by award-winning Los Angeles Times reporter Christopher Goffard—including “Dirty John,” the basis for the hit podcast and scripted series starring Connie Britton and Eric Bana.

Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

“I’m not an animal and I’m not crazy… I’m just a normal individual.”- Ted Bundy. Get inside the twisted mind of America’s most notorious serial killer in his own words.

Ted Bundy: Conversations with a Killer

Drawn from more than 150 hours of exclusive tape-recorded interviews with Bundy, this collection provides shocking insights into the killer’s 11th-hour confessions before his death in a Florida electric chair. A unique, horrifying self portrait of one of the most savage sex killers in history.

Making A Murder

He served 18 years for a crime he didn’t commit. Now he’s on the line again, and some want to see him put away for good.

Avery: The Case Against Steven Avery and What “Making a Murderer” Gets Wrong

The series left many with the opinion that Steven Avery, a man falsely imprisoned for almost 20 years on a previous, unrelated assault charge, had been framed by a corrupt police force and district attorney’s office for the murder of a young photographer. The chief villain of the series? Ken Kratz, the special prosecutor who headed the investigation and trial.


How do we get ahead of crazy if we don’t know how crazy thinks? Two FBI agents (Jonathan Groff & Holt McCallany) set out on a sinister investigative odyssey to discover the brutal answers.

Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit

Discover the classic, behind-the-scenes chronicle of John E. Douglas’ twenty-five-year career in the FBI Investigative Support Unit, where he used psychological profiling to delve into the minds of the country’s most notorious serial killers and criminals.

Amanda Knox

She was twice convicted and acquitted of murder. Amanda Knox and the people closest to her case speak out in this illuminating documentary.

Waiting to Be Heard: A Memoir

In March 2015, the Supreme Court of Italy exonerated Amanda Knox. Amanda updates readers on her life since 2011, introduces the individuals who helped her persevere as her case continued through the Italian courts, and shares her plans for helping others who have also been wrongfully convicted.

We hope you love the books we recommend! Just so you know, The Harlton Empire may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

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