An Evening Of Impressionism Themed Cocktails At AGO Bistro

Photos: Tiffany Shum

Pulsing with life, Paris in the 1870’s was transforming – thanks to wider streets, increased traffic, an explosion of factories in the suburbs, and faster and more frequent steam-powered trains. No one in France was immune to the rapid pace of change, least of all artists. This winter the AGO presents a groundbreaking new exhibition, exploring how French Impressionist artists and their contemporaries, famous for their lush landscapes and sea vistas, were equally obsessed with capturing the spirit of the industrial age. Currently open, ‘Impressionism in the Age of Industry: Monet, Pissarro and More’ features over 120 artworks, including numerous loans from across Europe and North America. The exhibition is curated by Dr. Caroline Shields, Assistant Curator, European Art.

Straightforward, simple and deliciously French; historians place the origins of the Parisian bistro in the same period as Impressionism. Inspired by this culinary tradition, AGO Bistro has created a delicious seasonal menu of French favourites and themed cocktails to match.

We tried Gustave In The Sky-A lively balance of licorice, lemon, honey and melon. Lucid Absinthe Supérieure, Grey Goose Vodka, Cointreau, honeydew cordial, lemon juice, star anise, sugar and nutmeg crusta ($17)

As well as, Freycinet’s Rusty Rail– A delicate balance between herbal notes and our house-made peach cordial. Citadelle Réserve Gin, Drambuie, peach cordial, lemon juice, herbes de Provence bitters ($17)

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