Cassidy Mackenzie Talks New Single “Wish”, Personal Growth And What’s Next

By: Kat Harlton

Singer-songwriter Cassidy Mackenzie recently released her debut single “Wish”. Recorded and co-written with producer Ryan Stewart (Carly Rae Jepsen, Bif Naked) the song showcases Cassidy’s own unique blend of R&B, pop and EDM. “Wish” touches on love, loss and desire.

“We started off with the idea of ‘Hey what’s going on with you?’” Mackenzie shared “and I just gave him a rundown of my life and the story. I think we started off with the chorus, and the lyrics just kind of came out of the story. The melody came pretty easily too, it was just a super fun writing process.I hope people like it, I hope people can relate. “

At age 17, Mackenzie left her Vancouver, BC hometown to study music at Nashville’s Belmont University. “I moved when I was seventeen and it was terrifying. I was so excited but I was also so nervous. I got there and was like ‘What did I just do? I know no one in this county.’ It was actually really cool though because I went to a music school, so it was completely life changing and when I think of the person I was then, I realize I’ve grown so much both musically and as a person.”

Mackenzie shares that one of her biggest influences growing up was Avril Lavigne, “She has huge songwriting skills. The 1975 and Taylor Swift are also huge inspiration for me. I feel like I take from whatever inspires me at the time.”

As for what’s next, Mackenzie plans on releasing her debut EP later this year, and working on her social media skills, “I didn’t really grow up doing social media much because I was so into music. I didn’t even care. Having social now has been a huge switch for me, especially with the radio tour and everything. I think my main goal with it is to just be honest, and share what’s going on.”

And as for advice? “Always be willing to learn. Do whatever you think might get you to where you want to go, just do it and take the leap.”

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