Photos: The Possibility Of Transformation-Union Station, Toronto-January 2019

Photos: Tiffany Shum

The Possibility of Transformation is the first project to go live as part of the joint Union-OCAD U partnership.

Featuring six OCAD U alumni, faculty, and students in a trellis-inspired garden of contemporary art, this exhibition explores Union’s monthly theme of “Transformation” through a wide-range of art practices that employ floral and natural imagery to visually stimulate and thoughtfully engage Union visitors. These works transform Union Station into an immersive colourful environment, vibrant, lush and ripe with possibility. Catch the full exhibit on display in the West Wing from January 7 to 31 2019.

Artists include:  Susy Oliveria, Rob Nicholls, Alex Mcleod, Ed Pien, Farihah Shah, Court Gee. For more information, click HERE.

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