Exclusive: An Interview With Tim And The Glory Boys

By: Kat Harlton 


B.C. natives Tim And The Glory Boys recently released their full-length album, The Buffalo Roadshow and plan on releasing a country EP in the spring/summer of 2019. Tim shares that their first single Blessed, released in October is about life, and what’s truly important. “This song is kind of inspired by our life situations. I feel like gratitude is the secret to life at this stage, especially with having kids and being married. We get to make music and travel and have kids tackle us at the airport, and I feel like I’m living the dream. I feel Blessed is about that, it’s a bit preachy too, I feel like it’s advice for the every man to just count your blessings and know where they come from.”

Their upcoming releases look to build upon their already stellar recording success by adding a little bit more of a country vibe to their original bluegrass sound. Colin shares that family, and listening to Bluegrass and Country heavily influenced their sound, while Tim pinpoints Billy Ray CyrusAchy Breaky Heart and Garth Brooks as major influences, “We listened to QX 104 in Winnipeg and I discovered Garth Brooks and I knew every single song of his, even the Chris Gaines stuff, all of that is a big part of what we’ve done.”

September 2014 saw the band release their freshman album The Joy, which went on to earn a JUNO nomination for Gospel Album Of The Year. Their next album Hootenanny! was released in 2016 and won the 2017 JUNO award for Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album of the Year and featured the extremely popular track Overhead Projector. The guys added to their 2017 trophy case by picking up two Covenant awards for ‘Group of the Year‘ and ‘Artist of the Year‘. To date, the group have sold over 35,000 records and their songs have been streamed over 6.5 million times, however Tim shares that they take it all in stride. “I think it’s awesome, it feels really good to win and to be nominated. The most nervous I’ve ever been is waiting to see who wins, and then having to go up and say things, it’s a really vulnerable place. I think awards help build confidence and I think there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and we try not to get too full of ourselves and not take ourselves too seriously. In that sense, some days it’s a paperweight and some days it’s a confidence boost.”

As co-founder and lead singer of EMI recording artist Starfield, and having toured the world for over a decade in various musical acts, Tim has learned a lot, especially about perseverance in the industry, “You need to weather the storm and not give up. Even if you have to scale back to the barest of bones. Maybe all you’re maintaining is your Instagram page for six months, while you regroup or re-imagine, or write songs or whatever, then just do that, that’s what it takes. It’s happening again for Colin and I, we were in another band before and we weren’t sure what we were going to do and and here we are. Those who have the best work ethic and believe in themselves, the humble and the dedicated will succeed.”

Tim Neufeld and the Glory Boys are currently back on the road to support their latest album, The Buffalo Roadshow as well as their upcoming country singles and EP. The tour will continue all through 2019 and include over 120 concerts in Canada, 60 across the US and 20 in the UK.

For more on Tim And The Glory Boys head over to: http://www.timandthegloryboys.com

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