Photos+Review: Petit Biscuit-The Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver-November 14, 2018

Photos: Celine Pinget
Review: Carlos Oen

Wednesday night was a special one for the francophone residents of Vancouver and trop house lovers. Petit Biscuit, the up-and-coming DJ from Rouen, France, played to an energized and happy crowd gathered at the iconic Commodore Ballroom. It was a night of great tunes backed by a fantastic display of projections and lights.

The lineup of fans outside the Commodore reached all the way to the corner of Smithe Street, with concert-goers more dressed-up than your usual Vancouverite pack. At 25, you would be old but very welcomed, It was a young crowd. French could be heard all over, and it was clear that people were there for a night out of good music and vibes – which Petite Biscuit delivered.

Two DJs had the opening act. First came Super Duper, who concentrated on vocal samples, steady tempos and paths. He invoked the 90s by mixing Corona´s “Rhythm Of The Night.” Manila followed with sweet melodies and up-tempo moods, mixing Flume´s “Never Be Like You.” He was shy to a dancefloor that was already full and ready for the main act. “Il a douze ans!” shouted a Pettit Biscuit fan.

At 11:30 pm all the lights went out and music started playing, while people cheered loudly. On center stage, a bright moon disc appeared. “Hey Vancouver, what´s up?” said Petit Biscuit. His stage set was the same as the one he had in his performance at Coachella last April. The trigger paths were tilted so that the crowd could see them – his music was both energetic and soft.

For “Stay,” Petit Biscuit played the electric guitar to a cheerful and dancing audience. Then he went back to the trigger paths, hitting them with generosity and making everyone jump to the count of three.
People danced to “Sunset Lover,” “Suffer,” and “Problems.” In a five-second-time-frame the stage would go through several colors: pink, blue, purple and intense red, with great visuals and light effects – just as important as the music- both executed in beautiful synchronization.

“He could be the next Odesza,” said a local fan while she danced with a big smile. He doesn’t need to, he is Petit Biscuit.

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