5 Holiday Favorites With Michael Kaeshammer

By: Kat Harlton

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Internationally acclaimed musician Michael Kaeshammer has toured the world showcasing his talents as a singer, songwriter, pianist & producer. A spellbinding artist, Kaeshammer’s performances and recordings are intimate and inviting affairs, whether in a small club, large theatre or on home stereo.

5 Holiday Favorites With

We caught up with Michael who shared his favorite holiday memory, the best gift he received as a kid and his favorite holiday treat.

Kat: Do you have a favorite holiday or Christmas memory?
Michael: Growing up in Germany it was custom not to see the Christmas tree until Christmas eve, the living room was locked for us children leading up to Christmas eve while our parents decorated the tree and room. My favourite Christmas memory is standing in front of the door on Christmas eve and hearing my father start playing Christmas carols on the piano, because that meant we could enter the room and see the lit up tree and festive room with all the presents and beautiful Christmas music. It was very impactful as a young child.

Kat:  Favorite holiday movie?
Michael: We didn’t watch much TV as kids and so I don’t have a favourite Christmas movie growing up. But as an adult I can say that “Elf” is one of the funniest movies I’ve seen and it just so happens that it is a Christmas movie. So that’s my pick.

Kat: What was your favorite gift you received as a kid?
Michael: I was a soccer fanatic as a young boy (as were all my friends growing up in Germany). Getting the specific soccer goalkeeper gloves I’ve had my eye on for months was my favourite gift I remember. But Christmas eve being the most special moment of the year that my parents worked so hard towards topped any gift I ever received. It sticks with me to this day.

Kat: Favorite holiday song?
Michael: “Winter Wonderland” is such a joyful song and one of my very favourites. But “Slowly The Snow Is Falling” (a German Christmas hymn) embodies the spirit of Christmas to me. It sounds festive and is a lot slower than “Winter Wonderland”. I remember my grandma singing “Slowly The Snow Is Falling” like it was yesterday.

Kat: Favorite holiday treat?
Michael: My mother is an amazing cook and her Christmas cookies were “known” around the extended family. It’s hard to pick a favourite but if I have to I would say her Cinnamon-Almond cookies. It’s a treat in star-form and a sugar glaze on top. You don’t really bake the cinnamon-almond batter but rather dry it on a low temperature with a cooking spoon wedged into the oven door so the inside of the oven doesn’t get too hot. They take a long time bake but are worth every minute.

For more on Michael Kaeshammer visit: http://www.kaeshammer.com

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