5 Holiday Favorites With Jeremy From Monster Truck

By: Kat Harlton

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The term Rock n’ Roll gets thrown around pretty haphazardly. One can go as far as stating it’s been bastardized to the point of being unrecognizable, ironically shouted on stages worldwide, and classified dead or MIA by the very musicians that once upheld its standard.

Enter Monster Truck. There’s something comforting about a band name that delivers exactly what you expect to hear. Born in 2009 from the ashes of various Canadian Indie bands, Monster Truck began as a sonic affront to the very industry its members were bred from. After feeling more like cogs in the music industry machine, Jon Harvey (bass & lead vocals), Jeremy Widerman (guitar & vocals), Brandon Bliss (organ & vocals) and Steve Kiely (drums & vocals) broke free to forge their own path, answering only to themselves.

5 Holiday Favorites With

We had the opportunity to catch up with Jeremy Widerman who shared his favorite holiday memory, the best gift he received as a kid and his favorite holiday song.

Kat: Do you have a favorite holiday or Christmas memory?

Jeremy: Yes, it was the year my dad bought me my first electric guitar for Xmas. He had already bought me a snowboard months earlier with the understanding that it would be my Christmas present but over the fall I had started learning guitar (obsessed with Nirvana). He saw the need to nurture my obsession and knew I needed an upgrade from the acoustic guitar I was learning on. I had even slept in until 11am expecting to receive nothing big and ended up walking into it as it stood in the living room in all its glory.

Kat: What was your favorite gift you received as a kid?

Jeremy: See above. Hahahah. Second place goes to the $100 my mom gave me when I was 10. It was the most money I had ever held at the time.

Kat: Favorite holiday movie?

Jeremy: Die Hard.

Kat: Favorite holiday treat?

Jeremy: Seeing all my family. Really, truly.

Kat: Favorite holiday song?

Jeremy: Run Run Rudolph by Chuck Berry

For more on Monster Truck visit: http://www.ilovemonstertruck.com

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