Exclusive: An Interview With Burgess Jenkins From UPTV’s “Christmas On The Coast”

By: Kat Harlton
All Media Courtesy of  UP Entertainment 

UPtv recently released their list of new movies for the 2018 holiday season, which includes seven U.S. premiere movies.

Premiering on Sunday, November 18th at 7 pm ET is “Christmas On The Coast” starring Julie Ann Emery, Burgess Jenkins, and Bonnie Bedelia.


About The Movie:

Hard-hearted New York novelist Dru Cassadine, who is known for her holiday romance stories, is desperate to get her mojo back after a string of flops. Deciding that a change of scenery will get her creative juices flowing, she heads home for Christmas to Harbor Point, South Carolina, where she uses the quirky small-town characters as inspiration for her new book. But when she meets handsome widower Brysen Flynn, she finds that she just may be writing her own love story.

We had the opportunity to catch up with star Burgess Jenkins and discuss his role, family holiday traditions, and what he hopes fans take away from the movie.

Kat: Was there anything about your role that was particularly challenging?

Burgess: My character (Brysen) has gone through quite a bit with the loss of his wife. Because of this there were a few tough scenes emotionally. But everything about this movie from the cast to the crew to the location made it a blast to make.

Kat: What was your favorite scene to shoot and why? (without giving away spoilers)

Burgess: Wow, that’s hard to say, I have so many favorites. If I had to pick one I would say it’s Brysen and Dru’s “first date” they really share a lot of their past and open up to each other. It’s powerful, but very funny in spots.

Kat: Do you or your family have any special holiday traditions?

Burgess: Christmas is most definitely our family’s favorite time of year. There is a festival of lights in our hometown that we make a point of going to annually. And there is also a very old Moravian settlement called Old Salem that has wonderful Christmas traditions we enjoy. Mostly though it’s just spending time together and enjoying the family.

Kat: What is the best Christmas present you’ve ever received?

Burgess: Six years ago St Nick brought the family our Laborador Retriever “Jackson”. That will forever be the best gift we’ve received!

Kat: What do you hope fans take away from the movie?

Burgess: One the best things about Christmas on the Coast is there are so many great takeaways. First of course I hope everyone loves the movie because it’s just so much fun to watch & I hope they are moved by a story that reminds us that happiness is found in the simple things and the joys of family and friends.

Don’t miss Christmas On The Coast, Sunday, November 18th at 7 pm ET!

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