5 Holiday Favorites With Don Amero


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Don Amero is an engaging storyteller, songwriter and performer who has been touring and speaking all across Canada for over 10 years. He’s garnered eleven national and international awards, including a JUNO nomination in 2013 and two more in 2016. This past year saw him release his latest album Evolution.

5 Holiday Favorites With(1)

We had the chance to catch up with Don and talk about his favorite holiday memory, the Christmas treats he can’t live without and his favorite Christmas gift as a kid.

Kat: Do you have a favorite holiday or Christmas memory?
Don: when it’s definitely Christmas. It’s a season where I take a good amount of time off (after the Amero Little Christmas tour) and just kick back with my family. I cherish the moments I have with my kids and the Christmas season is time dedicated to them. My favourite Christmas memory is when my Dad dressed up as Santa and totally played up being Santa. We loved it.

Kat: Favorite holiday movie?
Don: This is a tough one for me because I have so many. In terms of a new(ish) one, it’s ‘The Family Stone’. It’s a great funny sentimental movie about a family and their crazy intertwined lives. My favourite throw back Christmas movie is ‘Scrooged’ with Bill Murray.

Kat: What was your favorite gift you received as a kid?
Don: For sure it was the original Nintendo. It was Christmas 1990. That has been the source of so much pleasure and pain! Those controllers were indestructible. Ha ha!

Kat: Favorite holiday song?
Don: ‘I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas’. It seems like that one always comes to mind when I think of Christmas. That and ‘Have Yourself Amero Little Christmas’. Ha ha

Kat: Favorite holiday treat?
Don: My Mom makes these super sweet sugary/minty chocolate covered snowballs. I eat way too many of them. They only happen once a year so I never regret it.

For more on Don Amero, visit: https://donamero.ca

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