Exclusive: An Interview With The Jacks

By: Kat Harlton

Via Press Release: “Southern California four piece The Jacks, recently released a new single ‘Tonight’, featuring gritty guitar, energetic percussion and influences of early Brit rock.

The band have been selling out high profile venues including The Troubadour and The Roxy and have been featured in such publications as Live Nation’s One’s To Watch and Earmilk. They are due to set off on a nationwide tour in the fall.”

The Jacks

We had the opportunity to catch up with The Jacks and discuss songwriting, what’s on their playlist and what’s next.

Kat: Could you talk about the inspiration behind your new single “Tonight”?

The Jacks: Tonight comes from the usual story of someone being completely infatuated with someone else but unable to be with them. It’s a song about frustration but has an underlying lighthearted vibe to it.

Kat: Could you speak about the songwriting process? How does a track normally start for you?

The Jacks: Jonny (lead vocal/ rhythm guitar) likes to mess around with ideas that come to him on his own time outside of the studio. Sometimes Jonny will come in with just a melody line or a skeleton of a full song and we will build upon it. We all love to contribute to lyrics and arrangement ideas. Sometimes we will beat a song down for a long time and either love it at the end or realize it took a wrong turn somewhere. However, there is no go-to formula for us for song writing. If anyone gets excited about a song idea we all bring it to the table to work on. It’s a very organic process


Kat: Have you ever been given any advice career wise that has made an impact, or alternatively do you know have any advice for emerging artists?

The Jacks: The best advice we ever got was that when you are performing live you have to give the audience everything you can. People are spending their hard earned money and taking the time to come see you live. That’s a big commitment that artists can’t take lightly. Our goal is to always have fans and audiences leaving our shows feeling excited to come to the next one.

Kat: In a world where everyone is heavily on social media, how do you handle your online presence and potentially being seen as a role model?

Jacks: Social media can be a major benefit or drawback for an artist depending on how they use it. Social media has allowed us to reach a wider audience and promote what we do as a band together on and off the stage. We don’t think social media should ever be held higher of an indication of a bands personality or values than the way they interact in person with their fans or live. We try to use social media to promote what we’re up to and stay connected with our fan base we’re grateful for.

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Kat: What on your playlist?

The Jacks: We listen to a lot of different bands. Our favorites right now are Creature Canyon, Wyves, Warbly Jets, and Vista Kicks. The classic staples though are always there: Cage the Elephant, Oasis and The Rolling Stones.

Kat: What’s next?

The Jacks: Right now we’re on our way to Nashville to finish the second half of our fall tour. We’re hitting Nashville, Chicago, Indianapolis, Denver, Sacramento, and ending back home in LA. We have about 9 days off and then back on the road to play a handful of shows along the south and then up the coast with Vista Kicks, the Brevet, and other great artists. We’ve been busy touring and writing to reach more fans and spread more music to all of our amazing fans.

For more on The Jacks, visit: https://www.thejacksbandla.com

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