Exclusive: An Interview With Pop Duo Jacob And Fanny

By: Kat Harlton
Photos: Drew Pluta


Jacob and Fanny, a pop duo from Montreal, have seen their fair share of the music industry,  through this experience they have been able to craft a confident, nostalgic pop sound as evidence on their first single “Miss You” . “We went through a bit of a rough patch while we were dating, just for a few days, it wasn’t very long. I ended up going out, and we ran into each other. So it was kind of inspired by that idea of thinking of someone or missing someone and then them appearing.” Jacob explains.

The duo met through a vocal coach who thought they might hit it off, and consequently, they fell in love. Fanny shares that the couple’s relationship naturally inspires their writing, “It’s like any relationship, we have our moments or our ups and downs, but the music always brings us back together. I think we use it as our way of expressing how we feel, about whatever we’re going through that day. We don’t pretend to be something we’re not, we write about our obstacles and challenges. Sometimes something more positive sounding will come out, and sometimes it’s a little quieter or emotional.”


Eventually their work caught the attention of  L.A Reid and they landed a deal with Epic Records, where they got to work with some of the music industry’s top writers and producers. However their dream didn’t last long,  when things at label started to change. The project was shelved, and the pair asked to be released from their deal. Jacob shares that being released allowed them to “create and experiment with our sound, which is constantly evolving and changing. We kind of just decided that maybe going solo as independent artists might allow us to have the creative freedom to continue to grow and connect with our fans on another level”

After leaving the label, they connected with producer John Cunningham, who was able to capture the magic, love and chemistry between the two. Fanny says both their sound and writing process comes very naturally “We normally start very acoustic, with guitars or piano. I’ll be playing something on the piano at home, and Jacob will hear it and come in and ask me to play it again, or he’ll mention that he really liked what I was working on. It’s a very organic kind of process, there’s a lot of collaboration.”


Jacob and Fanny plan to continue their passionate collaboration to find those magical moments from their love story to share with the world.

Discover Jacob And Fanny: www.jacobandfanny.com

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