Mawd-Self Titled EP-EP Review

By: Nerhys Hall

California singer-songwriter Madeline Matthews, also known as MAWD, blends rock, folk, and pop all together with a blues twist. Her self-titled debut EP shows lyricism and a strong, soulful voice. Set for release this summer, each of the six songs on the EP are full of emotion and meaning.

“Dark Room” opens the EP with simple drums and guitar, introducing us to Matthews’ powerful voice. The song juxtaposes itself with simple, light verses and powerful, full choruses. It’s a soulful, folksy Americana-infused track. The second song, “Summer in a Dream” has an acoustic intro and builds in intensity. The sound has a country and Americana feel to it with the addition of horns.

Track three is a slower, mournful acoustic ballad that sounds softer than the two songs preceding it. The fourth song, “Long and Lonely Drive”, follows the the third with a similar slow pace. It’s full of heart and soul as Matthew’s pours emotion into the song with her powerful voice. Song five, “Heart in a Suitcase”, brings back a slightly quicker tempo, and adds distorted electric instruments. The final song, “Until There Was You (Now I See the Light)”, begins slowly and simply. It’s a soulful, powerful ballad that brings the EP to a perfect ending.

If you enjoy powerful songs that gives a blues twist to a mix of rock, folk, and pop with a soulful female voice, you want to check out MAWD.

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