Photos: Allan Gardens, Toronto-Spring Flower Show 2018

Photos: Tyf Shum

Allan Gardens is a conservatory that dates back to 1858 when prominent local politician George Allan offered the Toronto Horticultural Society a five-acre parcel of land to develop a garden.  It has a long history, which I encourage you to discover.

In recent years the gardens have been holding various seasonal flower shows, and this year we were able to check out the Spring Show that ran from Feb 25 to April 29 as the cool house gradually transitioned to spring. Tulips, fragrant hyacinths and other bulbs joined cool crops like primula and schizanthus to provide a sea of brightly coloured flowers and fragrant blooms.

The highlight was the Easter Flower Show (March 25 to April 29) where the Conservatory was decorated for Easter, and the Dome was filled with fragrant Easter lilies and hydrangeas.

Scroll through our photos below:

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