Exclusive: An Interview With Country Artist Maddison Krebs

By: Kat Harlton

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Facebook: /maddisonkrebsmusic
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Okotoks, Alberta Country artist Maddison Krebs recently released latest single “Live for Love”. Co-written by Jeff Trot (Sheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks) and Tony Martin (Tim McGraw, Keith Urban), “Live for Love” showcases Maddison’s growth as a country artist and songwriter, blending her sultry vocals and classic country roots to create a mature sound. The song encapsulates the notion that when life is out of your control the only way to manage that is through kindness.

In 2016 Krebs was named the winner of the of the second annual ole “On The Spot” Competition during that year’s Canadian Country Music Awards festivities, which earned her a spot in ole’s Red Dot artist development program. Prior to that, Krebs’ notable achievements included her 2014 EP Your True Love being nominated Album of the Year by the Alberta Country Music Association, performing for over 200,000 people during the 2012 Calgary Stampede, and landing slots at major festivals such as the Big Valley Jamboree, Canadian Music Week and Folk Alliance International.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Maddison and discuss songwriting, role models and her single “Live For Love”.

Kat: Could you speak about the inspiration behind your single “Live For Love”?

MK: A lot of feelings and thoughts inspired “Live For Love”. All the words in the song speak the truth about how I was feeling the moment I walked into the room. I wrote the single with two amazing Nashville based writers; Jeff Trott and Tony Martin. The song reflects my true intention in life and that is to spread love and to let it be my compass, always. We all live such busy lives and I think this song for me was a reminder to slow down and not let the beautiful things just pass on by. It’s really an affirmation song for me. As long as I stay true to my values, everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.

Kat: Who are some of your musical role models or idols?

MK: I have quite a few female musicians, and people that I look up to a lot. Dolly Parton is definitely one of them. On top of being an amazing human being, she has continued to have a life long career in music and has been a trailblazer for all women in the industry. Her kindness is contagious and she speaks the truth in the most sincere and honest way.

Kat: Have you been given any advice that has  helped you in your career or that has left a lasting impression?

MK: This is kind of a random story.. but a musician once came up to me after a show and had congratulated me on some accomplishments I had made at the time (and he may have been slightly intoxicated). To be completely honest with you, what he soon said to me has stuck with me ever since. He said, “Maddison, everyone is going to try and tell you a long list of certain things you have to do in order to “make it” in your career. But my biggest piece of advice to you is blah blah blah make great music. “ Talk about a lasting impression, hey! I was obviously laughing at the time but later on I kept thinking about it and it’s so true. Stay authentic to you. Write great music that comes straight from the heart and it will speak for itself . All the other stuff will work itself out!

Kat: What’s your writing process like?

MK: I find inspiration from everything. Sometimes it’s as simple as humming a melody or finding a bundle of words to describe the way I’m feeling in that moment. I’ve also really made an effort to be the observer in public situations and to be a better listener. Being in the moment is sometimes a difficult thing for a lot of people. We can get caught up in our mind and never notice the beautiful things right in front of us. So, these days I’ve made a conscious effort to observe more and I find I have been getting a lot of great ideas for my songs because of it! Once I have an idea that I feel strongly about, I either write a song on my own or take it and collaborate with other writers. I love the creative process!!

Kat: What’s on your playlist right now?

MK: Lots of great tunes and talented artists!! I’ve got Harry Styles’ new record on repeat right now:)


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