Exclusive: An Interview With The Command Sisters

By: Kat Harlton

Pop duo the Command Sisters recently released their debut single ‘Low Profile‘. Written by Charlotte and Sarah Command and produced by The Disco Fries, “Low Profile” showcases the sisters futuristic, moody sound and signals the emergence of them fearlessly leaving their country roots and embracing the pop world. Inspired by an intense dream, Charlotte describes ‘Low Profile’ as a “chaotic relationship where one person is living this secretive lifestyle and you’re trying to get to know them and they’re just not opening up and you desperately want to find out more.”

Sarah thinks the uncertainty in their own lives bled into their work “At the time Charlotte wrote the song we were transitioning from Country to Pop and we were writing a lot of songs about uncertainty and wanting to find clarity. Even though there are tracks that are technically love songs they are almost all about that same concept, and I think we kind of sat back and realized we were writing about our situation in a metaphorical way.”


The sisters admit that they struggled with the transition in sound but that social media really helped them to evolve. Sarah says they always felt they were “a little too pop for country, and we just couldn’t really fit.” but that the ability to create their own world through social media, in particular Instagram helped them to extend their new sound to their fans.  “I just became obsessed with creating our own world. For me, being creative was designing the outfits, thinking about color schemes, music video treatments, photo-shoots and creating our graphics. I think what’s fun for artists is letting fans discover your world and what that looks like. I see it as an extension of who we are as artists, our social media is just an extension of what’s going on in our heads.”


Now that the sisters are confident in their sound and image, Charlotte shares that they’re not afraid to say no if something doesn’t fit. “We definitely try to listen to good, constructive critismn, but we’re not afriad to say ‘this doens’t feel right, this person’s trying to change what we do naturally’. We know where to draw that line.” Sarah echoes the sentiment “Always say yes to yourself. We’re constantly evolving and I think it’s amazing that we’ve found ourselves and our sound, but we’re still having to say yes to ourselves. Finding who you are, that may take a year, that may take a few years, but when you find that it’s a pretty exciting moment.”

Saying ‘yes’ to themselves have led the sisters to some amazing opportunities, including playing at John Lennon‘s 75th birthday party in Central Park and performing for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, which Sarah describes as “Two really good examples of how to take any opportunity that comes your way because eventually it could lead to something.” Charlotte thinks as long as an opportunity fits your career and fits your brand you should follow your heart. “You never know, sometimes those strange little things turn into amazing opportunities, I like to say yes to what I feel is right.”

This winter sees the Command Sisters in the studio to complete work on their debut EP which is slated for the first quarter of 2018.

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