London Rolls Out The Red Carpet For Ontario Country

By: Robyn Crosby

In a first time move outside of the Toronto area, The Country Music Association of Ontario and London hosted not only an amazing awards show to celebrate Ontario’s contribution to the Country Music Industry, but an entire weekend full of fun.

The 5th annual celebration was 4 days long, commencing Thursday with a “Legacy Show” featuring The Good Brothers. Friday there was popcorn and crackerjacks when London Media competed against Ontario County Stars in a Charity Softball game. The game, hosted by Country 104’s Matt Weaver and CMA Ontario outgoing president Bruce Good, featured great commentary, great hits by London Media and a few antics from the Ontario Country Stars. The game ending 18 to 15 for the Country Stars.

Saturday, a concert in Market Square brought many down to see the New Faces Showcase alongside London’s own Eric Ethridge and River Town Saints.

With a larger capacity than other years the crowd turned out to see performances, wins and of course, long time host, Jason McCoy. McCoy was full of puns and songs, singing his traditional CMA Ontario song and an entertaining ditty about Prime Minister Trudeau and marijuana.

The big winner of the night was Bowmanville’s Meghan Patrick, collecting 4 awards in total. When asked how this left Patrick feeling, she said “Inspired”. Other highlights included awarding Jim Cuddy and Blue Rodeo the Impact Award, and all the stars coming out to sing a Blue Rodeo song.

As well, a malfunction that turned magical when during Aaron Prichett’s performance the mic cut out and the crowd sang every word.

The night was nothing short of spectacular. As was the newly created weekend of celebrations for the public.

A full list of the winners can be found here:

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