Exclusive: An Interview With Canadian Country Artist Codie Prevost

By: Kat Harlton


If you’re a country music fan and haven’t heard of Codie Prevost then you’re missing out. Prevost has been nominated 4 times for CCMA‘s, and is a 6 time winner of Saskatchewan‘s Country Music Association’s “Fan Choice Entertainer of the Year” award. He’s shared the stage with major acts including Garth Brooks, Florida Georgia Line, Joe Nichols, Jason Aldean, Big & Rich, and Neal McCoy.

Prevost is set to release a new studio album this fall, and has already shared it’s lead single “You Won’t Sleep Tonight“. We had the opportunity to catch up with the rising star to discuss musical inspiration, idols and what’s next.

Kat: What inspired you to become a country artist? Has country music always been a part of your life? 

Codie: I grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan listening to Country Music for most of my childhood. My mom would play a lot of records by Johnny Horton, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, and other legendary Country Music artists.

When I entered into High School I ended up forming a punk rock band with 3 of my friends. We would cover songs by Green Day, Blink 182, Goldfinger, and other punk rock groups. I had a close uncle of mine pass away and I had to go to Calgary, Alberta to attend his funeral. I had saved up $1100 from the previous summer working on road construction and I was going to by a new Electric Guitar. On that trip I thought a lot about my uncle who passed away and his love for country music. When I went into the music store I tried a few electric guitars and then my dad talked me into going to the acoustic guitar room. I remember picking up a Takamine acoustic guitar and played one strum and I was sold. I still have the guitar today. After this I went home learned Johnny Cash and have been performing Country Music ever since.

I put together a business plan in 2004 and took out a small business loan that enabled me to travel to Nashville to record my debut album “The Road Ahead”.

Kat: Is there a specific country song or artist that has left a lasting impression on you?

Codie: There are many country songs but one of my favorites is Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash. There is something about how simple the song is. I always find it amazing how Johnny Cash’s music is still as popular today as when it came out.

Kat: Musically speaking, who would you consider to be your role models, as far as sound or career?

Codie: I’ve always looked up to Keith Urban. Also love music outside of Country including Matthew West, Augustana, Train, and John Mayer. I feel I’m influenced by many different styles of music and artists.

Kat: Could you speak about the inspiration behind your single “You Won’t Sleep Tonight’?

Codie: “You Won’t Sleep Tonight” is written from the perspective of being a musician and spending time on the road away from your loved one. There is always a building anticipation of getting home after a long stretch away.

Kat: What can fans expect at a Codie Prevost show?

Codie: My main goal in my live show is to get the crowd participating in the show! It’s always so much more rewarding and so much more fun when everyone is involved. I get them dancing, singing, and clapping along. I keep the energy high with up-tempo songs and strike emotions with some of my ballads. Performing live is so rewarding and fun!

Kat: What’s next? Can fans expect an album soon? more tour dates?

Codie: I just finished recording my 5th studio album and have plans of releasing it this fall! I play shows all year long usually every month. All tour dates are listed on my website which is www.codieprevost.com.

 Kat: If you could scream 1 thing out to the world, what would it be?

 Codie: I would scream out thank you and the reason being is I feel so blessed to be at this point in my life. I have a beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters and I get to share my songs with people around the world! Life is pretty sweet. 

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