Exclusive: An Interview With Jon Matte Of “The Franklin Electric”

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After entering and winning a Nashville songwriting competition with over 8000 other bands from around the world, The Franklin Electric have opened for Ben Howard, Mumford and Sons, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, City & Colour and Half Moon Run.

The Franklin Electric released their latest album “Blue Ceilings” this past February, and are currently on tour in Europe.

We had the chance to catch up with Jon Matte about inspiration, tour and The Bachelorette Canada.

Kat: Musically speaking, who would you consider to be your role models, as far as sound or career?

JM: I don’t have a role model as there’s been several bands here in Montreal that I always admired and learnt some tricks from in terms of business and technical stuff like friend Patrick Watson, Half Moon Run. I always admired bands that where involved in building the careers artistically. I feel it’s important in this changing music industry to understand and be involved on all levels.

Kat: Could you speak a little bit about the inspiration behind “I Know The Feeling” 

JM: This song is based on the feeling that we can all relate to each other in many different ways, could be self discovery failure as we all face the pressures of this modern day society and “the feeling” can be many things. I see a lot of people struggling with mental health, depression and anxiety and have trouble facing their darkness and this kinda says I can relate. The music isn’t that dark it’s actually a celebration with an almost hip hop back beat and uplifting chorus.

Kat: What inspired you to become an artist? Has music always been a part of your life?

JM: Music was part of my life since very young and I owe that to my mom. She got me playing piano and sang songs with her brothers and sisters in harmony which had a great influence on my natural ear and musical style.

Kat: Is there a specific song or artist that has left a lasting impression on you?

JM: The most lasting impressions probably are older songs like “If You Could Read My Mind ” by Gordon Lightfoot some Bob Dylan to old soul music like Otis Redding I seem to be able to go back to and never get sick of. When the dialogue is strong, I find it will always be relatable.

Kat: What can your fans expect to see on tour?

JM: We showcase the new record and play a few from the first record “This Is How I Let You Down” we do open up sections and there’s a bit more trumpet live.

Kat: Can you talk a little bit about what your performance on The Bachelorette Canada was like?

JM: The Bachelorette was quite the experience, shot in an old building in old Port of Montreal, in a room with high ceilings and great acoustics where we played around one mic a few times as they made out a bit. The crew were super cool everyone liked the band and we were really well received.

04.01 – Berlin, Germany @ Musik & Frieden
04.05 – Hamburg, Germany @ Molotow
04.06 – Köln, Germany @ GEBÄUDE 9
04.08 – Amsterdam, Netherlands @ BITTERZOET
04.09 – Wiesbaden, Germany @ Kulturzentrum
04.11 – Leipzig, Germany @ Täubchenthal
04.12 – Heidelberg, Germany @ Kulturhaus Karlstorbahnhof
04.13 – Munich, Germany @ Strom
04.14 – Lausanne, Switzerland @ BLEU LEZARD
04.15 – Zurich, Switzerland @ Papiersaal
04.18 – Paris, France @ Trois Baudets
04.19 – London, United Kingdom @ Electrowerkz
04.22 – Århus, Denmark @ Radar
04.23 – Odense C, Denmark @ Posten
04.25 – Copenhagen, Denmark @ Vega

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