Interview with Leon Harrison and Matt Morris of The Lazys

Originally posted on: Lithium Magazine

By: Kat Harlton

It’s Thursday November 12th, about 7:30pm in downtown Toronto, and The Lazys – one of Australia’s most talked about rock and roll bands – have been in Canada for about 24 hours. I’m greeted by Lazys’ singer Leon Harrison and guitarist Matt Morris who have already had a day of interviews and meet-ups.  But if they’re exhausted, you wouldn’t know it.  In fact, Harrison hasn’t even checked into his hotel yet, and Morris is quick to point out that it’s the adrenaline keeping them going. They start the first day of the ‘Black Rebel‘ tour tomorrow, with One Bad Son and they couldn’t be more excited to tour again in their ‘home away from home’.

For Harrison and Morris who have known each other since they were teenagers, creating music and being on tour has been a life long dream, one that hasn’t come without its obstacles. Australia’s dying rock scene, sacrifices with regards to personal relationships and family, and more recently the added departure of their drummer Jay Braslin, who has been replaced by the talented Andy Nielsen, have all been part of the band’s journey . I ask how all this affects them, and Morris responds “You can’t think about that. This is our job and we’re here to work, we want to work“.


It’s this kind of dedication and passion that has seen The Lazys earlier visit to Canada this year include a lot of hype and sold out shows. When I ask what the secret is, Harrison shares one of his favorite quotes with me “With every magic moment, there’s always an imperfection.” For anyone who has seen a live Lazys show, you know this couldn’t be more true – no show is the same. They communicate with each other, improvise a lot, let each other take turns and riff when they’re “feel’n it”, allow each other to make mistakes, and try not to keep things too structured. They live in the moment both on stage and off, and are continuing to find that fine line between living out their dreams and taking care of themselves and each other.

Both men continue to talk about their love of Canada, the Canadian rock scene, and how dedicated our fans are. Harrison mentions that he might come back to Toronto for a bit in the spring to write, which would be a good idea considering legendary producer GarthGGGarth’ Richardson has told them to get some material ready and its something they both seem super excited about.

As we wrap up our chat I reassure them both that some stories will remain with just me. However, if you ever find yourself having a pint with the guys you might want to ask them about their band initiation ritual ‘off the record’.

The Lazys Black Rebel Tour continues across Canada until Dec 19th. You catch them live in Toronto at The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern this Friday November 20th.

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