Pigeon Park – Stripes – Album Review

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By: Kat Harlton

Vancouver’s Pigeon Park is set to release their forthcoming EP Stripes today, with 6 brand new tracks produced by one of Canada’s best, Garth Richardson.

Incorporating elements of classic rock, funk and a little country, members Nick Weber (lead vocals), Kevin Okabe (guitarist), Artur Leppert (bass guitar), Hunter Elliott (drums) and Logan Pacholok (guitar) have created a surprisingly solid effort that features a widely accessible sound, and the kind of conventional rock combination that has made many of their predecessors successful, such as Theory Of Deadman .

As the third EP from the band, it covers some of rock’s favourite topics, including exploration of themes such as heartbreak, introspection, and aspiration.  Out of the 6 tracks offered, I’d say High To Get By was the one that struck me as having the most potential, featuring a more distinctive sound and energized spirit. I think it showcases the bands’ talents best.

Overall,  this is definitely an album for radio.  Among the essentially mid-tempo tracks, there are some rocked out guitar parts, crashing drums, and many catchy hooks setting up Pigeon Park for mass appeal. If you’re into easily digestible rock with a consistent sound, then this album’s for you.

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