Preview: “The Most Colorful Time Of The Year” A Hallmark Channel 2022 “Countdown To Christmas” Movie


Kat Harlton

Media: Hallmark Media

Katrina Bowden (“The Bold and the Beautiful,” “30 Rock”) and Christopher Russell (“Warming Up to You,” “Day of the Dead”) star in “The Most Colorful Time of Year” a new, original movie premiering Friday, December 9 (8 p.m. ET/PT), on Hallmark Channel as part of the network’s annual “Countdown to Christmas” programming event.

About The Movie:

Ryan (Russell) is an elementary school science teacher who meets Michelle (Bowden), an optometrist, whose daughter Bailey (Ava Weiss, “When Hope Calls”) is in his class. While helping out in the school gymnasium giving eye exams Michelle notices something different about Ryan – he lacks interest in color which is surprising given the holiday season. When Michelle is finished seeing the kids, she prompts Ryan to participate in an eye exam. He is reluctant and cuts it short, leaving her to suspect he may be colorblind. To confirm her suspicion, Michelle humorously tries to trick Ryan. He is guarded and sly but ultimately gives himself away. Michelle gain access to specialty glasses for Ryan but refuses them. When Bailey learns of this, she sneaks them into her backpack and leaves them on her teacher’s desk with a handwritten note, “These glasses exist because of science, and you taught me that science should give us hope.” As Michelle and Bailey are leaving, they see Ryan exit his class with the glasses in hand. Michelle follows him into a building where there’s a colorful nativity scene lit up beautifully. When Ryan puts on the glasses and opens his eyes for the first time, the world appears in technicolor. His reaction is significant and emotional. He can’t believe how beautiful everything is! Michelle takes it upon herself to introduce him to the world of color, setting off a series of adventures.

“The Most Colorful Time of Year” is a Colorful Ontario Productions Inc. production in association with Johnson Production Group. Tim O. Johnson and Andrew Erin are executive producers. Joseph Wilka serves as co-executive produce. Oliver De Caigny is supervising producer Josie Fitzgerald is line producer. Maxwell McGuire directed from a story written by Keith Hemstreet and Alan Donahue.

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