Preview: “A Jolly Good Christmas” A Hallmark Channel 2022 “Countdown To Christmas” Movie


Kat Harlton

Media: Hallmark Media

Will Kemp (“The Christmas Waltz,” “Spinning Out”) and Reshma Shetty (“Blind Spot”) star in “Jolly Good Christmas” a new, original movie premiering Saturday, October 29 (8 p.m. ET/PT), on Hallmark Channel during the network’s annual “Countdown to Christmas” programing event. The movie shot entirely on location in London and features iconic landmarks throughout the city.

About The Movie:

David (Kemp) is an American architect who recently moved to London for a prime opportunity in a prestigious firm. With just three days before Christmas, he has yet to purchase a gift for his girlfriend, who also happens to be the boss’ daughter. While out shopping, David crosses paths with Anji (Shetty), a professional shopper, who raises an eyebrow over his choice of a gift card. When David and Anji end up crossing paths again, he decides to hire her in the hopes of finding just the right gift. Thanks to a series of unexpected events, David finds himself on a wild adventure across Jolly Old London as Anji helps him search for the perfect present.

“Jolly Good Christmas” is co-produced by Leif Films Media and Movie House Entertainment. The movie is executive produced by Leif Bristow together with Jane Goldenring, Carol Baum and Danny Webber. Agnes Bristow and Borga Dorter producers. Mark Vennis is the UK co-producer. Jonathan Wright directed from a script by Ron Oliver.

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