Preview: “The Dog Days Of Christmas” A “It’s A Wonderful Lifetime” 2022 Premiere Movie


Kat Harlton
All media courtesy of Lifetime

Georgia Flood & Ezekiel Simat star in “The Dog Days of Christmas” a new, original movie premiering November 11 (8/7c), on Lifetime as part of the network’s annual It’s a Wonderful Lifetime programming event.

About The Movie:

While visiting her family during Christmastime, Annie Blake (Georgia Flood) decides to help three stray dogs get adopted before heading back into her career working for a global non-profit.  But when she runs into local veterinarian, Dylan Hawkes (Ezekiel Simat), her old high school debate partner, they team up to save an animal rescue.  Ultimately, Annie discovers that finding love, and making a difference in the world, can happen right at home.

The Dog Days of Christmas is directed by Tori Garrett and scripted by Holly Hester. The film is produced for Lifetime by Kelly Son Hing, Spencer McLaren, and Steve Jaggi, with Kylie Pascoe co-producing, for the Steve Jaggi Company.  Larry Grimaldi, Julianna Hays, Hannah Pillemer, and Fernando Szew serve as executive producers for MarVista Entertainment.

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