Preview: “Baking All The Way” A “It’s A Wonderful Lifetime” 2022 Premiere Movie


Kat Harlton
All media courtesy of Lifetime

Cory Lee & Yannick Bisson star in “Baking All The Way” a new, original movie premiering November 24 (8/7c), on Lifetime as part of the network’s annual It’s a Wonderful Lifetime programming event.

About The Movie:

Julia Wilson (Cory Lee), an accomplished pastry chef from Chicago, heads to a small town bakery famous for their gingerbread to complete her Christmas cookbook. There she finds herself at odds with Kris Thompson (Yannick Bisson), the bakery’s charming but private owner, who is ambivalent about sharing his secret recipe.

Baking All the Way is produced by Vortex Media and A71 Media for Lifetime. Christopher Giroux and Bill Marks serve as executive producers. Script by Courtney McAllister with star Yannick Bisson as director.

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