6 Tips For Planning A Memorable Spring Vacation


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Are you ready to call off from work and take a vacation? Spring is the perfect time to do it! Pack your bags and take yourself on the trip of a lifetime with these six smart tips. 

If you plan accordingly, your spring vacation could become a cherished memory you’ll share and reflect on for years to come. So, where should you start? 

1. Make a Bucket List 

There are dozens — if not hundreds — of places you could visit on spring vacation. It’s only natural that you’d struggle to pare down your options and choose just one. Perhaps making a bucket list would help. 

What do you want to see and do on your trip? Is visiting the beach a top priority? Perhaps your kids want to try zip lining or clear bottom kayaking. Make a master list and book a destination that checks most, if not all, of your boxes. 

2. Book Early 

Speaking of fun activities, booking yours early is key to securing a spot in line, especially during the spring 2022 travel season. After nearly three years at home, most people are ready to go, see and explore. 

That means tour companies and equipment rental shops will be busier than ever. So will airports and hotels. Book international flights at least four weeks in advance and hotels one to eight weeks in advance to score the best reservation rates.  

3. Understand Pandemic Requirements

Most countries are open to international travelers, including Morocco, Australia and the Bahamas. However, these and other popular destinations do have pandemic-related restrictions and requirements in place. While some require proof of vaccination, others accept negative covid test results or plans to quarantine upon arrival. 

Knowing which requirements you must follow will minimize stress and ensure everyone’s allowed to board the plane and travel safely. You’ll also have a better idea of what kinds of PPE to bring — masks, gloves, etc. 

4. Take a Road Trip

If you’re still unsure about flying, take a road trip instead! Torontonians can drive straight to Niagara Falls in less than two hours, making it the perfect destination for both weekends and week-long trips. Plus, you’ll get to see everything you otherwise would have missed traveling by plane — bright daffodils in Queen Victoria Park, lilacs near the International Bridge and acres of beautiful gardens. 

If you’re traveling further, remember to pack a portable DVD player to entertain the kids and plenty of snacks for the whole family. When you’re road-tripping, the journey’s all part of the fun. 

5. Pack Versatile Clothing 

Versatile clothing is a must when vacationing, regardless of when or where you decide to go. Will the plane, train or car be too hot or cold? You won’t know until you’re buckled in and ready to go. Layering clothes will help you adapt to these environments and ensure you’re still comfy when you arrive at your destination. 

Choose breathable pieces that you can easily accessorize and shoes that are both stylish and comfortable. That way you can transition from daywear to cocktail attire without changing your entire outfit. 

6. Prepare for Emergencies 

No one likes to think about what could go wrong on their annual spring vacation. However, considering and preparing for emergencies is often the best way to prevent them. 

For instance, packing two outfits in your carry-on can save you the trouble of buying more clothes if the airlines misplace your luggage. Pack a basic first-aid kit, too, and remember to purchase travel insurance for overseas health coverage! It’ll save your family thousands if you happen to sustain any injuries during your adventures. 

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