Preview: “Love Strikes Twice” A Hallmark Channel “Fall Harvest” Original Movie


Kat Harlton

Press Materials: Crown Media

Katie Findlay (“Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist”) and Wyatt Nash (“Riverdale”) are a young couple at a crossroads until a visit home – and to the past – brings a new perspective in “Love Strikes Twice” a new, original movie premiering Saturday, October 2 (9 p.m. ET/PT), on Hallmark Channel as part of the network’s annual “Fall Harvest” programming event. Marshall Williams (“When Hope Calls”) also stars.

About The Movie:

Maggie (Findlay) and Josh (Nash) are a married couple who have gotten out of sync. When Maggie wishes for a do-over, she and wakes up the next morning and inexplicably finds she was transported 15 years into the past. Once she shakes off her confusion and gets her bearings, Maggie sees this as a chance to find out what her life would’ve been if she had stayed with ex-boyfriend Rick (Williams). But revisiting the past with her present life experiences causes Maggie to see things – and people – in a new light. Will her new-found perspective lead Maggie to choose Josh again or will Rick be her happily ever after?

“Love Strikes Twice” is from Crown Media Productions, LLC. Stan Spry, Eric Woods and Lesley Demetriades are executive producers. Anthony Fankhauser is co-executive producer. Devin Towers serves as co-producer. Jeff Beesley directed from a script by C. Jay Cox.

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