Outer Banks Gift Guide: 9 Must Have Items


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In honor of the hit Netflix show Outer Banks, we’ve curated the ultimate Outer Banks Gift Guide. Become a pogue and join the treasure hunt with one of these awesome items!

50 Piece Sticker Set

Plaster your notebook, locker, door and everything in-between with this 50pc sticker set.

Outer Banks Pogue Life Wall Tapestry

Perfect for dorm rooms and cozy corners, let everyone know you’re all about the pogue life and adventure with this cute wall tapestry.

Outer Banks: Lights Out Novel

An original YA novel based on the hit Netflix series, Outer Banks, written by New York Times bestselling author Alyssa Sheinmel, featuring JJ and John B in a brand-new, high-octane adventure.

“I’d Rather Be Watching Outer Banks” Socks

Slip on a pair of these fuzzy socks, and binge from the beginning. There’s always time for more JJ.

Pogue Life Women’s T-Shirt

This t-shirt is giving us allll the Kiara vibes. Free John B!

Outer Banks Inspired Zipper Pouch

Going on an adventure of your own? This cute pouch was made for travelling.

Outer Banks Canvas Poster

In case you can’t enough Outer Banks and want to lay in bed and stare at your new pogue friends while you drift off to sleep.

Outer Banks Inspired Waterproof Bracelets

John B and Sarah love to cover their arms with bracelets, now you can to! Best part? these are waterproof, which makes them perfect for surfing, paddle boarding and adventure.

Outer Banks Coloring Book

Stressed waiting for S3? Relax and color with your pogue friends, then stick your beautiful artwork on the fridge once you’re done!

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