Everything You Need To Know About The Volcom x Netflix Outer Banks Collection

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Volcom, a modern lifestyle brand rooted in board sports, recently launched an Outer Banks (OBX) inspired collection. The Volcom X Outer Banks collection features graphics and styles straight from the award-winning series! 

Similar to the Pogues of Outer Banks, Volcom embraces the outcasts with a creative vision to accomplish remarkable things no matter what’s at stake. It is with this shared spirit and passion for cultivating lifelong friendships that the ‘Have A Good Time All The Time’ collection was created.

The Volcom X Outer Banks collection features an assortment of men’s, women’s and gender-neutral product. The men’s collection includes a “Pogue Life” tee, boardshorts, trunks, wovens, tees, fleeces and a bucket hat in a print spotted on John B from Season 1.

Volcom x Outer Banks PC: Amazon.com

The women’s collection includes your new favorite tie-dye sweatshirt with a quote “You love being seen with me, but you don’t love me”, “Kook Princess” tee and a “P4L (Pogues 4 Life)” sweatshirt you are sure to recognize from Season 2.

Volcom x Outer Banks PC: Amazon.com

The collection also includes a gender-neutral button-up called “Your BF’s Shirt” inspired by the piece worn by John B and by Sarah in Season 2. Other items include a beach blanket, backpack, hats and John B handkerchiefs in classic Volcom fabrics.

Volcom x Outer Banks PC: Amazon.com

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