Preview: “Snowkissed” A Hallmark Channel “New Year New Movies” Original Movie


Kat Harlton

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Jen Lilley (“USS Christmas”) and Chris McNally (“When Calls the Heart”) star in “Snowkissed” a new, original movie premiering Saturday, January 30 (9 p.m. ET/PT), on Hallmark Channel, during the network’s “New Year New Movies” programming event.

About The Movie:

Kate is thrilled to be given the plum writing assignment of interviewing the author of her favorite self-help book, The Answer. The assignment requires her to go Canada but Kate, a dyed in-the-wool New Yorker, barely travels to Brooklyn. Facing her fears, Kate ventures to Lake Louise where she’s met by Noah, the owner of the B&B where she’s staying. The two clash the moment they meet. Kate bristles when Noah questions The Answer’s theory of happiness, an approach that justifies Kate’s safe lifestyle. But when her interview gets stalled, Kate is roped into helping Noah work on a tour guide he wrote to impress potential investors. The lessons and practice tours that ensue are challenging, but Kate helps Noah excel in the art of public speaking. The added benefit, to Kate’s surprise, is discovering the beauty of new adventures, especially through the eyes of someone who is capturing her heart. Before long, Kate finds herself facing a new dilemma: leave the safe nest of her beloved Manhattan or embrace the unknown of love itself!

“Snowkissed” is produced by Lighthouse Pictures Inc. Stan Spry, Eric Woods and Tom Berry serve as executive producers. Anthony Frankhauser serves as Co-Executive producer. Devan Towers and Dannah Axelrod serve as Co-Produers. Jeff Beesley directed from a script by Kimberley Beyer-Johnson.

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