Preview: “Let’s Meet Again On Christmas Eve” A “It’s A Wonderful Lifetime” Original Movie


By: Kat Harlton
All media courtesy of Lifetime

Kyla Pratt & Brooks Darnell star in “Let’s Meet Again On Christmas Eve” a new, original movie premiering December 5 (8 p.m. ET/PT), on Lifetime as part of the network’s annual It’s a Wonderful Lifetime programming event.

About The Movie:

When college sweethearts, Corinne (Pratt) and Rob (Darnell), get opportunities on opposite sides of the world, they decide to part ways and meet again in two years on Christmas Eve to see if they are really meant to be. However, when one shows up and the other doesn’t, the fate of their romance seems to have reached the end. Many years later the two end up bumping into one another when they are both hired to help bring together a Christmas Eve wedding. With many questions left unanswered, they are about to embark on a journey filled with romance and magic, just in time for Christmas Eve.

Let’s Meet Again on Christmas Eve is produced by LET’S MEET AGAIN FILMS INC. with Howard Braunstein serving as executive producer. Jeff Beesley directs from a script by Carley Smale.

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