Preview: “Christmas By Starlight” A Hallmark Channel “Countdown To Christmas” Original Movie


Kat Harlton

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Kimberley Sustad (“Sense, Sensibility & Snowmen,” “Travelers”) and Paul Campbell (“Hearts of Christmas,” “Battlestar Galactica”) reunite once again and find themselves celebrating “Christmas by Starlight” a new, original movie premiering Friday, November 27 (8 p.m. ET/PT), on Hallmark Channel as part of the network’s annual “Countdown to Christmas” programming event – your home for the holiday.

About The Movie:

Annie Park (Sustad) is a whip-smart lawyer who specializes in child adoptions. When her family’s beloved neighborhood eatery, The Starlight Café, is slated for demolition, she vows to put a stop to it. William Holt (Campbell), the free-wheeling heir to the development firm responsible, makes her an unlikely proposition: he’ll spare the café if Annie spends the week “appearing” as the stringent legal counsel his father is demanding he hire in the wake of some careless and costly mistakes. Helping get Will’s father off his back for a week seems a small price to pay to save her parents’ beloved café and she agrees. But when Annie oversteps and commits Will’s firm to hosting a lavish Christmas fundraising event at the Starlight, he saddles her with planning it, something she’s never done before. With one misstep after another, Annie’s efforts to pull off the impossible look doomed to fail. The more Annie and Will’s vastly different worlds collide, the more sparks begin to fly. And when push comes to shove, they discover just how similar they really are and without even knowing it, those sparks may have fanned into a flame.

“Christmas by Starlight” is produced by Christmas Diner Pictures, Inc. Stan Spry and Eric Woods are executive producers. Anthony Fankhauser is co-executive producer with Devan Towers as co-producer. Gary Yates directed from a story by Paul Campbell & Kimberley Sustad and screenplay by Campbell.

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