20 “Hallmark Like” Christmas Movies You Can Watch For Free On Tubi


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If you just can’t get enough of those romantic christmas movies, then this list is for you! We’ve rounded up 20 “Hallmark like” holiday movies that you can watch for free on Tubi.

A Very Country Christmas

A single mom, too busy to keep up with the tabloids, has no idea the guy she’s just met is a country superstar. But she’s about to.

Hometown Holiday

A woman who escapes the city in favor of her small hometown finds herself falling for a rancher, but he’s not what he seems.

Christmas With A Prince

When a prince is injured during a polo match, the doctor treating him at the hospital is a romantically scorned classmate from boarding school.

Falling For Christmas

An injured champion figure skater sent to physical rehab in the snowy mountains falls in love with a local ice fisherman who values more than winning.

Christmas Lodge

A young woman who preserves historical homes meets the love of her life while trying to restore both her family and a ramshackle Christmas lodge.

A Wedding For Christmas

When her sister asks her to plan her wedding, a wedding planner returns to her childhood town and reunites with a childhood flame.

A Christmas In Royal Fashion

A handsome prince and a fashion assistant fall in love amidst a Christmas fashion show.

A Christmas Kiss II

A passionate, mistletoe-fueled kiss inspires a millionaire playboy and his sister’s workaholic assistant to take a romantic leap for Christmas.

Christmas Belle

It’s “Beauty & the Beast” at Christmas when Belle meets cantankerous Hunter, but soon he begins to warm…putting their work and Belle’s heart at risk.

A Holiday Change

Over the holidays, a single mother of a teen son finds their growing pains putting pressure on her new courtship with the neighbor he doesn’t trust.

Christmas Catch

An undercover detective thinks she’s caught her diamond thief but the more her feelings develop for him, the more her case against him falls apart.

Holiday Engagement

Afraid to show up to Thanksgiving alone, Hillary hires an unemployed artist to pretend to be her fiancé. But this might not be a one-time engagement.

Back To Christmas

Ali wakes realizing she’s reliving a past Christmas allowing her to change the path of her love life with her ex or with someone entirely unexpected!

Married By Christmas

Carrie and Katie realize their family’s company will be inherited by the first sister to marry. With Katie’s Christmas Eve wedding already planned, workaholic Carrie sets out to elope before it’s too late.

Naughty And Nice

A cynical city DJ is exiled to a remote radio station where small-town charm, holiday cheer, and his pretty co-host begin to melt his icy demeanor.

Holly’s Holiday

NYC ad exec Holly Maddux can’t help but notice the hunky mannequin in the store front outside her office. One day, Holly slips and hits her head in front of the store, waking up to find a perfect gentleman at her side. Holly soon hits it off with her new man! But when she begins to discover the pressure to be perfect is more than she bargained for, she has to choose between the perfect life she’s always dreamed of and the real love that’s been waiting for her all along.

This Is Christmas

Christmas time is when all hell breaks lose. Cheating, finding love, losing love leads to chaos this holiday season.

Girlfriends Of Christmas Past

Three women plot revenge on their cheating ex at his holiday retreat, but when one hits it off with his colleague, can she turn revenge into romance?

Holiday Baggage

A working mom invites her estranged husband home for the holidays, promising that if he reconciles with his daughters, she will grant him a divorce.

A Holiday Boyfriend

Katie gets dumped right before Christmas and gets on a dating app to never spend Christmas alone!

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