Check Out The New Harry Potter For Pottery Barn Collection


Featuring the best of the beloved series, Pottery Barn’s new Harry Potter™ Collection brings magic to your home.

Set the table for a magical feast that is sure to bring all the houses together.

HARRY POTTER™ Sorting Hat Metal Snack Server $69; HARRY POTTER™ House Crest Leather Assorted Coasters – Set Of 4 $24.50; HARRY POTTER™ GOLDEN SNITCH™ Handcrafted Metal Lidded Snack Bowl $39.50; HARRY POTTER™ Hogwarts™ Houses Crest Tumblers – Set Of 4 $59.50; HARRY POTTER™ Floating Candle $199; HARRY POTTER™ Hogwarts™ Jacquard Linen/Cotton Napkins – Set Of 4 $40; HARRY POTTER™ Wingardium Leviosa Light Up Doormat $39; HARRY POTTER™ HOGWARTS™ House Placemat Collection $26.50; HARRY POTTER™ Metal Trunk Party Bucket $149; HARRY POTTER™ Griffin Handcrafted Snack Bowl $89.50

From the lounge to the bedroom, there’s a look for every witch and wizard.

HARRY POTTER™ DEATHLY HALLOWS™ Adjustable Super Storage Lapdesk $99; HARRY POTTER™ Desk Mats $39; HARRY POTTER™ Gear-Up Patronus Glow-in-the-Dark Recycled Backpack $64.50; HARRY POTTER™ Sculpted HOGWARTS™ Bookends $99; HARRY POTTER™ HOGWARTS™ Robe $99; HARRY POTTER™ HUFFLEPUFF™ Adult Pajama $99; HARRY POTTER™ Magical Creatures Throw $69

Create a magical adventure in their bedroom or nursery with enchanting bedding and decor.

HARRY POTTER™ Muslin Swaddle Set $59.50; HARRY POTTER™ Lightning Bolt Nursery Pajama $39.50; HARRY POTTER™ Glow-in-the-Dark Pajama Set $39.50; HARRY POTTER™ Thumbie $22.50; HARRY POTTER™ Heirloom Baby Blanket $69.50; HARRY POTTER™ Muslin Wearable Blanket $39.50

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